Attendance the 24th CAC China Crop Protection and Fertilizers Show
Chengdu Agreenco Bio Tech Co.,Ltd (Agreenco Bio) is proud to have participated in the 24thChina International Agrochemical &Crop Protection Exhibition and the Fertilizers Show(CAC) on 13 and 15 March 2024 in Shanghai China.
The 24th China International Agrochemical &Crop Protection Exhibition andFertilizers Show(CAC)
Chengdu Agreenco Bio Tech Co.,Ltd (Agreenco Bio) as a leading and High-Tech Manufacturer of Agrochemical to be invited to attend the 24thChina International Agrochemical &Crop Protection Exhibition and the Fertilizers Show(CAC) dated on 13rd to 15th March in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). The Booth No.:81b40;
The effects of amino acids on plants
With the deepening of research, it has been found that amino acids are not only an organic nitrogen source for plants, but also have multiple functions, including participating in protein synthesis and regulating plant growth. Different types of amino acids have different physiological functions for crops,such as promoting chlorophyll production, endogenous hormone formation in plants, root development, seed germination, flowering and fruiting, and improving fruit flavor.
Uncovering the Secrets of Trace Elements - The Role of Boron in Crop Growth
The occurrence of boron deficiency symptoms in newly formed tissues and apical meristems of plants can lead to plant emaciation, leaf deformation, and even apical bud death, resulting in reduced crop yield.
How much do you know about crops that are sensitive to trace elements?
As it is well known that crop growth not only requires water, light, and soil, but also nutrient supply, especially trace elements which play an irreplaceable role in crop growth. Therefore, the rational application of trace elements fertilizer is essential for high yield and quality of crops. The normal trace elements fertilizers products for crops are including the Boron, Zinc,copper, Iron, Manganese and Molybdenum fertilizers etc.
Novel Spray Surfactant for increasing Bio Efficacy of Pesticides Exported to 10 Countries
Hi-speed is designed and developed by Chengdu Agreenco Bio Tech Co.,Ltd, it is kind of Organic Silicone based non ionic surfactant for increasing the bio-efficacy of the foliar spraying of pesticides and foliar Fertilizers, the active ingredient is the Polyther modified silicone, a modified trisilioxane with super ability of spreading. Hi-Speed Surfactant already is exporting to more than 10 countries and already got the good feedback from farmers.
A Brief Introduction to Plant Growth Regulators
Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are chemical substances with the same physiological effects and similar chemical structures as endogenous hormones in plants. Plant growth regulation belongs to a class of substances that control plant growth and development, including synthetic compounds similar to bio or natural plant hormones and hormones directly extracted from natural plants: such as Triacontanol, Natural brassinolide produced from Chengdu Agreenco Bio Tech Co.,Ltd.
Novel Bio Stimulant Boron Based Fertilizers to Stimulate Flowering and Fruit Setting Growth
Boron-PowerPLUS is a New Type Bio Stimulant desinged and Developed by Agreenco bio-technologies from high and clear purity of Sugar-Alcohol Boron chelated with seaweed extracted, polysaccharride, natrual cytokines with high active and effective for crops, promote pollen tube germination and pollination, promote more flowers, fruits setting, prevenent Malformed fruits, increase yield and increase quality for crops.
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