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About Agreenco
Chengdu Agreenco Bio Tech Co.,Ltd (Agreenco) is Green & Bio High-Tech manufacturer specialized in research & development and producing of Green & Eco-friendly products including plant growth regulators such as Triacontanol, Natural brassinolide,S-Abscisic Acid(S-aba), Gibberellic Acid/Gibberellin(GA3, GA4+7), Bio and Natural Cytokinins, Auxins, Kinetin,NAA,IBA,IAA,CPPU,6-BAP, BNOA, etc, bio-stimulants productcs such as bio-fulvic acid, humic acid, seaweed extracted, amino acid,betaine, GABA, etc, bio and organic fertilizers, fertilizer synergists, green intermediate chemicals & foliar spray adjuvant, surfactant, green crop protection and bio pesticides. Agreenco has already established long term business relationship with many customers in China and already exported to more than 20 countries.
With powerful green bio technologies, Agreenco provides eco-friendly and biological solution-based solutions for crops tailored to the demand expressed by farmers and customers globally.
With powerful productivity bases, Agreenco produces the most cost-effective products for various markets globally.
Agreenco provides comprehensive services and special technical consulting for end-using farmers and different local demand on different formulas to customers. For this purpose, Agreenco has its own team of technicians and external collaborators from agricultural universities, Institutes.
Agreenco has powerful production bases and quality control and development lab well equipped with advanced technologies in the sector complying with Health, Safety and Environment standards in three provinces of Sichuan, Shannxi, Jiangsu. The quality control of all of our products is strictly conducted, from raw materials, manufacturing process, to application of end-use product in field.
The Center R&D of Agreenco
is located in Cangxi County, Sichuan provinces and Yangling, Shanxi provinces equipped with the advanced and qualified: large pilot test bases, preparations labs, analysis labs. HPLC, HPGC, chromatography-mass, molecular distiller, contract angle measuring instruments, high-pressured response unit, bio chemical engineering units, the bio-engineering in the pilot test base.
With continuous emphasis and investing on R&D, Agreenco becomes one of leaders in agrochemical and green chemicals, especially in plant growth regulators, bio-stimulants , amino acid, fulvic acid, humic acid, seaweed extracted, nutritional fertilizers, green adjuvant & surfactant, intermediate chemicals and crop protection products based in China.
The R&D center of Agreenco
activities are mostly focusing on the finding & choosing and development of the high-efficacy and cost-effective green and bio materials for new formulations according to the Eco-friendly needs expressed by more and more customers in China and Overseas market.
The R&D center of Agreenco activities are focusing on the green and eco-friendly products development: including the new process development, new recipe and new formulations, new molecules according to the market, the clients’ requirements, and also develop and supply the green and eco-friendly solutions on crops care, nutrition and protection.
For keeping leading and advantages, the R&D of Agreenco all the time is keeping in cooperating with universities and research academies: China Agricultural University, Northwest A&F University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Sichuan University, China Agricultural & Science Academy.
Quality Control of Agreenco
Agreenco insists on that the Quality all the time is the first and basic for all our activities.
Agreenco fulfills the international standard fully responsible for every batch product, has the independent Quality Assurance System which is used to inspect and track the full process in R&D, production, packing, storage, and after sell service: product design, test, analysis, raw materials, storage, packing, quality audit etc..
With the quality control advanced equipment and test labs, tests are performed and recorded meticulously and the samples are preserved for a long time in good storage conditions.
Why Agreenco
1.Development of Eco-friendly products by Green&Bio Tech.
2.Powerful manufacturing and productivity to keep the most Cost-Effective price with high quality.

3.Good Service on technical supporting and after-sale service.
4.Leading manufacturer of Green agrochemical and products.
5.Fast and high-effective logistic and transportation systems to save cost for customers.
Agreenco History
Established In Cangxi,Guangyuan, Sichuan, China.
Established the first manufacturing base in Sichuan producing Raw Materials Extraction for medicine, animal feeding and crop protection.
Starting for mineral sources for NPK and fertilizers.
Established the second manufacturing base In Yangling, Shannxi for producing EDTA& EDDHA Serials, humic, fulvic, amino acid, Seaweed extracted and Seaweed Polysaccharride for medicine, animal feeding and crop nutrition.
Established the third manufacturing base in Jiangsu Province for producing raw materials and intermediates for plant growth regulators and Plant growth regulators serials, developed eco-friendly surfactant and adjuvant for animalfeeding, cosmetics and agrochemical formulations.
Start preparation directly developing the overseas market.
--Established “AgreencoBio & Green for Growing as New global Integration & New Image.
--Established the International Business Dept to directly develop the overseas market.
--Focusing on productions lines and products ranges
--Bio and Eco Plant growth regulators and Bio-Stimulants
--Fertilizers & Fertilizers Synergists
--Bio-Pesticides Serials
--Natural and Eco Adjuvant & Surfactant
--Intermediate chemical
Factories of Agreenco
Agreenco has three manufacturing bases in China: in Sichuan, Shannxi and Jiangsu provinces of China, and already established long term business relationship with china and foreigner customers and exported to more than 20 countries.
Transportation &Logistics of Agreenco
Agreenco has a modern management system for product logistics transportation and export marketing in the Chinese market.
In China, we have the 2 Logistics center: China South, China Ester.
For Exporting: We have the 3 logistics operations Centers : Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin.
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