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New Type Water-Soluble Fertilizers to Increase Yield and Improve Quality for Fruit Trees -Vegetables and Field Crops
Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP Water Soluble Fertilizer) is produced by Agreenco Bio by the Novel Thermal processing technology used the high quality of phosphate and Potassium raw material, it is widely used for all crops by foliar spray and drip irrigation methods to increase the yield and improve the quality of the fruits, vegetables and field crops: wheat, rice, cottons and already launched in many countries market.
       Agreenco Bio MKP Water Soluble Fertilizer  Using for crops:                                                   
  1. Promote nitrogen and phosphorus absorption. promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by crops, quickly supplement phosphorus, improve crop yield and thousand grain weight, and play a special role in special physiological periods of crops.
  2. Promote photosynthesis. Potassium plays a role in enhancing crop photosynthesis and accelerating nutrient production and transformation during crop growth.
  3. Improve crop resilience. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate can improve the stress resistance of crops, such as drought resistance, resistance to dry and hot winds, resistance to waterlogging, frost resistance, resistance to damage and promoting healing, and resistance to bacterial infection.
  4. Improve the quality of fruits. Spraying during the fruit enlargement period can protect and strengthen the fruit, promote fruit enlargement, improve fruit quality, increase coloring, and improve taste.
  5. Adjust the balanced growth of crops.MKPhas the function of a regulator, which can promote the differentiation of crop flower buds, increase the number of flowers, have strong flower buds, strengthen flowers and fruits, improve fruit setting, and effectively promote the growth and development of root systems.

    Agreenco Bio MKP Water Soluble Fertilizer for crops to promote growth, improve quality and increase yield more than 20-40%.

    Target crops

    Using time

    Using way&dosage




    Booting, earlier heading , grain filling stage,

    1kg with 250-500liters for one foliar spraying.

    Resist disease, promote growth stronger,

    Increase yield 35-50%;


    Branch and tuber stage, stem and leaf growth stage, swelling stage

    1kg with 500-800liters for one ha. by foliar spraying.

    Effectively resist disease, drought,

    Increase yield 31-45%;


    Growth period of tea,


    1kg with 500liter water by foliar spraying;

    Effectively resist drought, reduce the yellow leaves, and  diseases, and significantly improve  quality of tea. Increase yield 15-25%



    After mango harvest

    20-30grams per tree by soil and then irrigate

    Supplement NP nutrition,help rooting and for next year good flowering

    Earlier flowering, earlier fruit growth, fruit enlargement stages

    1kg with 500-700liters for one ha. by foliar spraying. Continue using 2-4 spraying

    ( 7-10days interval)

    Resist disease, resist drought,keep flower and fruit setting, improve good taste,increase 20-30% yield.

    Watermelons/melons; strawberry

    Seedling stage

    1kg with 500-1000liters water per ha.

    Promote stronger growth, resist disease.


    After flowering stage,

    1kg with 500-1000liters water per ha. By foliar spraying, every 7 days per foliar spraying, totally 3-5 spraying;

    Improve more sweet, resist disease, resist drought, increase 20-35% yield.


    Bananas spread their leaves till bud and bloom

    Every 15-20days by irrigation way:10kgs with 10,00-20,00liters per ha.

    Or by foliar spraying way: 1kg with 500-800liters water per ha. ( interval 15-20days)

    Resist disease, resist drought; promote growth; increase yield 30-50%;





    Before flowering stage

    1kg with 500-800liters water: Two foliar spraying(7-10days interval),

    Promote growth; promote stronger; resist disease.

    After fruit setting

    1kg with 500-800liters water by foliar spraying( interval 7 days)

    Resist disease. Keep fruits, keep fruit enlargement, good quality, increase yield 30%;

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