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Novel Bio-Stimulant fertilizer with Calcium and Magnesium elements for Improving flowering and fruit setting growth
CaMg-PowerPLUS is developed by the exclusive low-temperature chelation technology of Agreenco Bio, with a reasonable combination of alginate, and high-efficiency additives to ensure rapid chelation between chelating agent and calcium and magnesium elements.The combination of Manitol Ca and Seaweed Ca is reasonable, greatly improving the biocompatibility of calcium with crops. Active calcium is quickly transported in the phloem of crops and is directly utilized launched in many countries market.
CaMg-PowerPLUS Bio Stimulant Advantages:                                                                             
1. Natural sugar alcohol chelating agent: Calcium and magnesium element can be directly absorbed  by leaves, flowres, roots and fruits  at high effective level.

2.Trehalose alcohol double chelates calcium and magnesium, each sugar alcohol molecule can carry 15 calcium ions for transportation in the phloem and xylem of plants, solving the problem of poor calcium ion mobility and ensuring that calcium elements can quickly reach the interior of plants;

3.High absorption efficiency: Calcium and magnesium elements sprayed on the fruit or leaf surface can quickly penetrate the cuticle layer of the fruit or leaf surface, enter the interior of the fruit or leaf, and avoid losses such as rainwater erosion, with a long-lasting effect;

4.Increase production and improve quality: Timely supplement calcium and magnesium elements to effectively prevent physiological diseases such as fruit cracking, poor taste, bitter pox, water heart disease, black heart disease, navel rot, leaf blight, etc.

5.Improve crop's resistance ability to abitic stress: Improve photosynthesis and enhance crop stress resistance to harsh environments such as drought, freezing, and sunburn; 

Main Contents:                                                                                                                                    
Sugar-Alcohol Ca(140g/L)+Mg (20g/L) Chelated with  Seaweed Extracted Polysaccharide +Natural Cytokine

Special Functions for Fruits and Vegetables:                                                                                    

Higher Utilization of Ca  Feeding Ca+Mg

highly effectively Prevent malformed fruits 
Prevent Sunburing for fruits Resist Drought,Coldness 
Longer shelf-life for fruits 
Higher Yield Higher Quality  

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