• EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%

EDDHA-Fe 6% Trace Element Fertilizer in Powder and Granules

 Agreenco Bio  EDDHA-Fe Trace Element Fertilizer

(Special supplement iron elements for crops by high bio-efficacy)

EDDHA-Fe is Mainly used for preventing and curing the syellowing symptoms caused by iron deficiency in plants (also known as yellow leaf disease), and widely used to high-effectively and quickly supplement iron element nutrition in normal plants, which can make plant growth more vigorous, increase yield, and improve fruit quality;
EDDHA-Fe can strongly improve soil and has a significant improvement effects on soil compaction and fertility decline caused by long-term application of ordinary fertilizers.

Fine Powder/ Granules 3-5mm
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%
  • EDDHA-Fe 6%

1:Agreenco Bio EDDHA-Fe Physical and chemical properties:
Molecular: C18H16N2O6FeNa
CAS-No: 16455-61-1
Molecular weight: 435.2
Appearance in two types: Red black powder(regular type);
Brownish red granule(customization type )
Purity: 99.5%
Ferric content: 6.0%min.
Water insoluble: 0.1%max.
Ortho-ortho: 4.8
Water solubility: full water soluble.
PH Value:(1% solution):7.0-9.0

2: Agreenco Bio EDDHA-FE  Advantages:

EDDHA-Fe is produced by Agreenco bio technology through a unique chelation reaction with  pure and clear raw materials of ferric and EDDHA chelate, containing Fe 6%min.with  ortho-ortho value is 4.8%min.
Currently, among all kinds of iron fertilizers on the market, Agreenco bio EDDHA-Fe has the most strongest chelating ability, the most stable, and the best adaptability to many kinds of soil types for crops, also can be used for the wide ph value(4-10) for soil.
Agreenco bio EDDHA-Fe is widely applied to soil with pH ≤ 10 and can achieve 98% absorption by plants, greatly expanding its application range. The dosage is only 1-5% of ordinary nutrients, and it has no negative impact on the soil after application. On the contrary, it can also fix beneficial components in the soil, reduce loss, and help regulate soil acidity and alkalinity, preventing soil hardening.
Agreenco bio EDDHA-Fe has a unique ultra strong permeability and solubility in water, which is easily absorbed by plants, quickly providing crop nutrition, solving crop nutrient deficiency symptoms, increasing crop yield, improving crop quality, enhancing crop stress resistance, disease resistance, and promoting early maturity.

3: Agreenco bio EDDHA-Fe Usage features:
Agreenco EDDHA-Fe  is an efficient, high-quality, and highly active chelated iron used as a trace element fertilizer in agriculture. It has extremely high bioavailability and is currently the most effective professional product in the world for treating plant iron deficiency and yellow leaf disease. In fertilizer production, it can be widely used as an additive material for foliar fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and compound fertilizer. It can be used for foliar spraying, flushing fertilizer, drip irrigation, and soilless cultivation.
Target crops:
Suitable for iron deficient crops, specifically as follows: fruit trees include sweet oranges, lime, pomelo, lemon, orange, peach, plum, cherry, apple, white pear, sand pear, loquat, persimmon, grape, apricot; There are ornamental plants such as masthead, jasmine, magnolia, camellia, hydrangea, yellow magnolia, yellow orchid, smirk, yellow rose, catalpa, rhododendron, chrysanthemum, stem attached begonia, hydrangea, white orchid, plum blossom, and Tianzhu; The trees are Eucalyptus grandis, Eucalyptus fine-leaved, Nanmu, Camphor tree, Robinia pseudoacacia, and Kaimu; Leguminous plants include peanuts, soybeans, fava beans, and mung beans; Food crops include sweet potatoes.

4:Agreenco Bio EDDHA-Fe Dosage for crops:

Crops Use frequency dosage
Citrus Nursery tree at rapid growth stage at spring time 5-30grams/tree by soil;
Adult trees on Autumn fertilizers 30-80grams/tree by soil
Fruits trees Nursery tree at rapid growth stage at spring time 5-30grams/tree by soil;
Adult trees on Nutritional growth periods 20-50grams/tree by soil;
Grape Before the buds bloom stage (nursery trees) 3-5grams/tree by soil;
At the early iron deficiency symptoms (adult trees) 5-25grams/tree by soil

Root irrigation apply method:
Dissolve this product completely with an appropriate amount of water and pour it evenly around the root system (this product works better when used in combination with 50g of high-efficiency instant fertilizer)
From seedlings to mature trees, it needs to be determined based on crop types and growth levels, with usage ranging from a few tens of grams to a few tens of grams.

Foliar spraying apply method:
Dilute 1g of this product to 3liter water and dissolve it before evenly spraying on the leaf surface and back. Please follow the principle of frequent and thin spraying to avoid spraying under strong sunlight

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