• Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%

Spinosad 92% Bio Pesticide

  • Spinosad is very high effective Bio insecticide for strongly controlling pests of Lepidoptera, Diptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera and Orthoptera.
  • Spinosad has rapid contact and gastric toxicity to pests, strong penetration to leaves, and can kill pests under the epidermis. It has a long duration of efficacy, and has a certain egg
  • killing effect on some pests. It can effectively control pests of Lepidoptera, Diptera, and Thysanoptera, as well as some species of pests that consume large amounts of leaves in Coleoptera and Orthoptera. It is relatively safe to predatory natural enemy insects. Due to its unique insecticidal mechanism, there have been no reports of cross resistance with other insecticides. It is safe and harmless to plants. Suitable for use on vegetables, fruit trees, horticulture, and crops. The insecticidal effect is less affected by rain.
  • Spinosad is a kind of environmentally friendly and efficient macrolide biological insecticide extracted from the fermentation broth of Saccharopolyspora spinosa, with the chemical formula C42H71NO9. The practical product is a mixture of spinosyn A and spinosyn D, so it is called spinosad.

Technical Grade/Packing:
92%TC., / 25KGS/Carton Drum
5%, 10%, 40%SC/25L/HDPE DRUM; 200L/HDPE DRUM, As Customers' requirements
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%
  • Spinosad 92%

1: Chlorantraniliprole Chemical and Physical Properties:
Molecular formula:

Molecular weight:734.01400 

Appearance: white powder.

Specifications: 92%TC. 5%SC,10%SC, 480g/L SC.

2. Chlorantraniliprole Dosage table for Spinosad 10%SC.



Application method

Diamondback moth

1500-2000times water dilution

.(or 150-250ml per ha.)


By spraying at the  Young larva stage.

Beet armyworm

1200-2000times water dilution

 (or 150-350ml per ha.)

By spraying at the  Young larva stage.


1000-1500times water dilution

.(or 250-375ml per ha.)

By Spray on  flowers, young fruits, tops and shoots.




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